Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sleep over night

It lasts only for a few hours, but it's so adorable!


Penelope Rae Ruth Thompson
born 3/10/2011
20.5 inches

Our Family Has Grown

To be a family of SIX!!!!

baby Penelope with Tenney cousins

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

nixon's BIG WEEK!

We've started this week with a bang!
Nixon had his first soccer practice and had a blast! He didn't want it to end! He would run as as fast as he could to his water bottle for water break and have a huge grin on his face. Nixon was so focused on following instructions and loved doing little offense-defense drills. He has some of his best school buddies on his team. We haven't seen them much over the summer so it's been a fun reunion.
In Nixon's words - " I am fast and I am a pro!"
It's definetly going to be a fun season! GO TEAM ORANGE CRUSH!!!!

Now, if that wasn't exciting enough..... he pulled out his first TOOTH all by himself!!!!! It was totally awesome! It's been a big summer event for us because it's been loose all summer and every day getting wigglier!!!! He has always been uncomfortable with the unknown (much like his mom) so you can imagine the MANY talks with him about what to expect with pulling it out. He was so brave and did it on his OWN TIME! He looks adorable and was excited for the tooth fairy treasure. We celebrated with him last night by watching the Tooth Fairy movie. So great!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

March-June in a Thompson nutshell!!!

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So... I wanted to share our lives a little, this is what I had time for. We have been having a great, but oh so busy year. Oliver's birthday started us off with a BANG in February.
March- St. Patrick's day is huge in our family. Leprechauns left foot prints all over the house and on the kids faces! We made a trip to Utah for Brittany and Darin's wedding, made the most of it and played with all of our family, and the kids fell in love with the game Crud. (thanks to Brandon and Errin)
April- Oliver started to take walking serious! Did some sewing with my mom and made Mazzy and Mylie Easter dresses, Colin and Grampa Jim got the scooter up and running, Oliver fell in love with fig neutons, We made a trip to so. Cal so Aubry and I could do a Ragnar Realy with a awesome group of ladies, took a day at the beach and Disneyland! (first family trip to the magical kingdom... very exciting), then, to finish the month off...
Celebrated Nixon and Mazzy turning one yr. older and wiser too!!!
May- ALWAYS has to start with the Waldorf May day Celebration and dancing around the May Pole! I love it!!!! We enjoyed the Tenney boys baseball season, Mothers day at the Heward ranch, fun dress up afternoons, My birthday, rollerskating, going to Latitudes finally, Nixon's first School overnight field trip, (in Kindergarten!!! So happy Colin was picked to go with the class), Colin's birthday surprises, and going to the Methvin-Jackson family cabin. I haven't been there since I was Nixon's age. It was so fun!
June- is coming to an end and yup, it's been even more compact with events and busy days. Nixon and his kinder friends did a song and dance number for the school variety show. They did it to the song "My Girl". Can you get any cuter than 5-6 yr olds dancing together?
Nixon and Mazzy had swim lessons and rocked it! Mazzy started gymnastics, Grampa Jim fixed our bikes and we've had fun going for little rides, Kindergarten really came to an end and my heart broke a little, Aubry took us to six flags (marine world), Oliver is sportin' his first freckle on his cheek and YES... I gave him his FIRST haircut!!!! Does anyone else have a hard time doing that? I don't want him looking like a pretty girl, but I didn't want to cut it either!!!!
NOW... Here we are, summer arrived, Colin and I have so many projects to do this summer in ALL of HIS FREE TIME, kids are needing to stay busy, and the little ones and I can sleep in a wee bit! Colleen and the Florida cousins are here for a visit which makes us all super excited, another Utah trip planned in a few weeks, and LIFE is good. Love you all- Signing out :)