Wednesday, August 4, 2010

nixon's BIG WEEK!

We've started this week with a bang!
Nixon had his first soccer practice and had a blast! He didn't want it to end! He would run as as fast as he could to his water bottle for water break and have a huge grin on his face. Nixon was so focused on following instructions and loved doing little offense-defense drills. He has some of his best school buddies on his team. We haven't seen them much over the summer so it's been a fun reunion.
In Nixon's words - " I am fast and I am a pro!"
It's definetly going to be a fun season! GO TEAM ORANGE CRUSH!!!!

Now, if that wasn't exciting enough..... he pulled out his first TOOTH all by himself!!!!! It was totally awesome! It's been a big summer event for us because it's been loose all summer and every day getting wigglier!!!! He has always been uncomfortable with the unknown (much like his mom) so you can imagine the MANY talks with him about what to expect with pulling it out. He was so brave and did it on his OWN TIME! He looks adorable and was excited for the tooth fairy treasure. We celebrated with him last night by watching the Tooth Fairy movie. So great!


Natalie said...

So fun! He doesn't seem old enough to be losing teeth! He is so cute.

Amy said...

Hey Brooke! So fun to you see your mom and dad a few weeks ago! Thank you so much for Abbi's birthday gift. That was so sweet! I'd love to meet your kiddos in person as well! Last time I saw you guys I think Nixon was two weeks old! Crazy how times flies. Come see us! :)

Anonymous said...

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